A Revolutionary New Product for Pain Relief From Wisdom Teeth

When people experience pain through the roots of their teeth, it often impairs their daily living activities. Parents are familiar with the unhappy moods infants have when they are teething, which can be alleviated through the use of gum soothing products. Older teens and young adults often experience this same type of pain when their wisdom teeth begin to come through. This pain could make it difficult for them to focus on tasks, get a comfortable night's sleep or eat. Fortunately, there is a solution that provides pain relief for wisdom teeth eruption.

Soothing Relief for Wisdom Teeth

A new adult teether has been created to bring relief to people experiencing pain due to the eruption of their wisdom teeth. Just like the teethers designed for infants, this product can be chilled to bring instant relief to older teens and young adults. The item itself is designed to stay firmly in place when positioned inside the mouth. This allows it to provide continuous relief for the gums surrounding the roots of the tooth. The tubular shape and textured grip allow the teether to be placed anywhere along the back sections of the upper or lower mouth. 

Safe and Hygienic

In addition to providing pain relief for wisdom teeth, the teether for adults is also designed to be hygienic. Its unique shape allows it to be easily positioned without introducing germs into the affected area of the mouth. This product can also be cleaned or sterilized for reuse. The interior layer of the teether softens with use so it enhances the pain relief effort with a gentle massage. The adult teether has been recommended by many dentists and orthodontists and can be used as long as necessary to provide the type of relief people need in order to get back to their regular daily living routines.