Tooth Pain

If you've been alive longer than a few years, chances are that you've already had a toothache. They're dreaded by even the toughest of individuals with the highest pain tolerances. Tooth pain feels like it goes directly into the side of the jaw and sometimes even the head and ear area. They're extremely painful and when someone gets a toothache, the first thing they wonder about is how they can stop the pain that they're experiencing. And there sure is a lot of it. Whether it's a cracked tooth, an abscessed tooth, or just a plain cavity, it's going to be a rush to find out how to halt the pain.

Pain Relieving Measures

So you've got a toothache and now your biggest concern is getting in to see a dentist. But what do you do before then? Your best bet is to first try some over the counter pain relievers. There are many of them available for tooth pain, although none of them will be as effective as what a dentist will give you when you visit his office. Still, it can help. Swelling is often a part of tooth pain, so putting ice to your jaw or the affected area on the outside of the face can reduce the swelling and ease some of the pain. Still, nothing beats a good old-fashioned visit to the dentist. If the pain is from a cavity, the dentist will fill it. If it's an infection, antibiotics and anti-swelling agents will help reduce the swelling and therefore pain.

Wisdom teeth pain

Perhaps the most painful of all tooth problems is that with wisdom teeth. The dentist can pull those or help you get rid of infection in wisdom teeth if they're infected right now. For more details click on pain relief for wisdom teeth.